Thursday, 10 April 2008


I don't know about you but I so often find it hard to remain in awe at some of the basics truths of my faith. Why did Jesus die? This life-changing event sometimes doesn't move me. I believe it, I'm thankful for the knowledge of it and what it means. I don't need to always feel what it means but now and again it helps. It's hard for it to reach the heart when you've heard it for so long, so many times.

Words. Words. Words.

Then along comes a, sounds, movement.

The video below dramatically reminded me afresh of why we ALL need a Saviour, what it really cost Christ on the cross and just how amazing it is to be delivered, set free and given a new life 'in Christ' because of what He's done for us.

It may look a bit cheesy at first, and kind of is, but this is VERY powerful.

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Estelle said...

just so you know I am reading and youa re on my blog roll!!!! love ya Brother