Monday, 6 October 2008

November 4th

For me, the most exciting date this year, slightly behind my 1st wedding anniversary of course, is November 4th.

The day of the U.S. Presidential Election.

You may think I'm sad but I can't wait. I'm staying up ALL night to watch the coverage. I've been a fan of The West Wing ever since my wife and her then flatmate, Mrs Carrie Knuckey, introduced me to the addictive substance. I finished Series 7 last year and was rather depressed for a while when it ended. It was like my closest friends weren't around anymore.

You see, I'm sure those who loved the show agree that you found yourself becoming the unseen character in the West Wing battling it out with Josh, agreeing with Leo, flirting with C.J (you know it's true!) and revering the mighty President Bartlett.

Thankfully, just as I finished the series, the real deal began to heat up.

You have had all the great characters- Mormon Mitt, P.O.W. McCain, Billary Clinton (two for one!), Iraq Bahama....Hussein Pyjama....Hijack Banana...who cares if you can't say his name- He's awesome (I....think?)....Good ole american pie Joey Biden....and just when you thought these characters were satisfying enough....enter the gun shooting, polar bear throat slitting, oil guzzling, God's will discerning, ready to wrestle with Russia, folksy, cutsy, hockey mum, pitbull with lipstick... Sarah Palin!!!

As soon as she entered the stage in her wee glasses and beehive, I knew that Tina Fey from SNL fame would not be able to resist impersonating her.

I was right.

The next 28 days are going to be immense.

And guess what? One thing we can know for certain....the next President of the United States will NOT be called George W. Bush!


Vix said...

Wahoooooo! Good final point there! We're watching the coverage so closely as well, it's fascinating.... November 4th's my Dad's birthday so I hope I remember to call him what with all the drama ;)

Tim said...

I too can't wait for the 4th of November, which will now forever be remembered as the day America won its independence.....again!